Monday, February 03, 2003

Began the day with an hour of chess study - I'm using Jonathan Tisdall's book 'Improve your Chess.' today's game analysed the 'Stonewall Dutch' a defensive strategy for Black using pawns on c5 d6 e5 f6. Jonathan is the only chess author I've read who gives a clear simple explanation of the rather obscure terms used by the Chess fraternity. I'd encountered the 'Maroczy Bind' in other books where the authors assumed thr reader knew what was meant but in my case I hadn't a clue about what this was. Thanks to Jonathan I now know its a simple defence for White with pawns on c4 and d4. Chess is difficult enough without experts adding to one's confusion.

Being anxious about the impending war with Iraq ratcheting up oil prices I ordered some today - this delivery will cost me £30 more than the last one which was no surprise and prices will probably rise further. Hoping for some warm weather and that the war when it comes will be quick and decisive.

Being a painter and art lover I'm reading 'The Journal of Eugène Delacroix' and it was this that gave me the idea of starting a Blog. He met people like George Sand, Dumas, Balzac, Berlioz, Chopin as well as fellow artists. Yet much of the Journal is about more mundane matters, his worry about picking up an infection from using cabs to get to work, or his stomach. I guess I could go on about similar personal matters - but I won't.

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