Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mill on a Bruges Canal

Pen Study – This windmill stands on the banks of a quiet canal between Bruges and Dammer. I discovered it while taking a boat excursion and there was barely time to get down a scribbled impression so I had to work it up with the aid of a photograph.

Mills, waterways, and canals occur in many of Rembrandt’s drawings in pen and bistre. Occasionally he worked them up as etchings but mostly he seems to have done them for relaxation – a form of escape from his studio enterprise perhaps.


John said...

Hi robert,

I wish I culd paint plein air like this. No mater how I try, I just cannot transfer what I see to the canvas/paper. Not even in a loose impressionist style. I admire your art and your skill in interpretation. Nice work

Robert said...

Thanks John. Practice and perseverance will get you there.