Thursday, December 01, 2011


Back in 1991 I acquired a copy of John Ruskin’s ‘Elements of Drawing’. It was a new illustrated edition with notes by Bernard Dunstan. I still refer to it from time to time. There is a wealth of information to be absorbed in the first chapter ‘On First Practice’ without going further.

The Ruskin School of Drawing has 9 introductory lessons based on ‘The Elements of Drawing’ which are available on line. Go to: and type ‘Elements of Drawing' in the search box

When the page downloads. Click on the blue page link 'Stephen Farthing’s Practical Drawing Classes' to access the lessons.

The lessons are short and at first they might appear trivial but they follow Ruskin’s teaching method – count them as initial concepts to be developed with practice.

The annual ‘Big Draw Event’ is supported by the ‘Guild of St. George’ a charity which Ruskin founded.

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