Monday, July 09, 2012


This watercolour will be my 5th and final submission for the LAS Summer Exhibition which is held on the last two weeks in August.

Precise minded ornithologists might give ‘Hen Bramblings in Winter Plumage’ as a correct title of the picture. But I’m reminded that Charles Tunnicliffe painted a colourful watercolour of fancy pigeons which he called ‘Angels and Archangels.’ So I think ‘Ladies in Winter Dress’ catches the mood of the painting and would be acceptable in an open exhibition.

I make increasing use of opaque bodycolour these days prefering mainly Titanium rather than the traditional Chinese (Zinc) White. I think it has to be used sensitively and not make the painting look as if it's been given a coat of distemper. There are several ways white has been applied to this painting - ranging from pure pigment for the white parts of the birds to general washes which can be worked on while still wet.

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