Saturday, February 18, 2017

DAVID PRENTICE 1936 - 2014

David Prentice, after retiring as Artist in Residence at Nottingham University settled in Malvern to draw and paint on the Malvern Hills. He was a painter who deserves the attention of a wider audience.

 The relevance of this post arises from a discussion I had with a friend on another Forum.  He commented, "Pretty much all of what I do now is landscape work.  But for me it’s all about being in the landscape and the starting point has to be a sketch or trial study rather than a photograph if the work is really to be convincing." He also expressed an aspiration to develop his work towards abstraction.
I suggested looking at David Prentice' paintings - he was a painter who followed a similar course. David Prentice' Gallery made a short video about him sketching on the Malvern Hills and his comments about his studio work.

There is video on You Tube  showing David at work on the hills.

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