Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Magritte at Tate Liverpool

I went to see the Magritte exhibition today - pleased to have seen it before it closes. What an odd imagination he had. I love the way he plays with representation and reality. He paints a representation which the viewer reads as a smokers pipe then titles it; "This is not a pipe". In another work he turns the idea around. A framed painting of a slice of cheese is placed in a 'Cheese Dome' - the title this time is "This is a piece of cheese". There are other paintings where he confuses what is actuality and what is painted. The paintings of this genre are ingenious and amusing - they have more appeal for me than the strange and disturbung surreal works. A bird morphing into a leaf which is being eaten by a caterpillar a bit grotesque and unnatural. There are many more which are strange associations of recognisable things. A face with roses painted where the eyes normally are. What do they mean? Magritte claimed they do not mean anything -" because mystery means nothing eiither, it is unknowable." Perhaps that's all that needs saying. It was a huge exhibition and it took a lot of concentration to try and take it all in. I'm glad I made the effort to travel to Liverpool to see it.

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