Friday, October 28, 2011

My website: a rebuild

I've been preoccupied with my website for the past two or three days it's been badly neglected and I decided to make some changes. Now my current interest is wildlife – mainly birds – I decided to add a Wildlife Gallery. I started the website as a collection of pages which were medium specific - Watercolour, Pastel, Sketchbooks ie Drawings, and Digital. The Wildlife page is subject or genre orientated and it seemed best to show the works together rather than disperse them in the different media galleries.

When setting up a website the earliest advice I was given was to keep to a simple presentation. So I've always avoided moving text or motifs for banners – they may have a place for eye-catching adverts but they are a distraction on an artistic website. Back in 1999 I made a trip to New Zealand and met Grahame Sydney at his retrospective in Dunedin, He's New Zealand's most successful artists - a wonderful painter. I only mention this because his website is plain simplicity and it served as a model for my first designs. Since then I've added colour to my pages but I've tried to preserve simple clarity as a fundamental principle of design..

What began as the addition of a Wildlife Gallery page turned out to be a major rebuild which is taking much longer than anticipated. Files that once displayed well are now all over the place. Fortunately the newly added Wildlife Gallery seems to be working as was intended. For the purpose of displaying pictures I'm thinking pure simplicity works best. Take a look at Graham Sydney's website to see what I mean..

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