Monday, November 14, 2011


Activity on my bird feeders has virtually ceased. Last week it was the local Sparrowhawk that provided some excitement. I caught a back view of a grey bird on the lawn that I assumed was a pigeon until it raised its head and looked around. Sure enough there was the hooked yellow bill and sharp eyes. The birds on the feeders took flight and he set off in pursuit.

I assume he didn't make a kill because he was back briefly on his branch in the apple tree. He was off before I had chance to take a photograph all I could manage was a scribble from memory. It was annoying because he presented a back view and I wanted to study the tail feathers particularly the underside. There was a brief moment of hope when he presented himself on the ash tree at the end of the garden. Hope was dashed when he changed his perch and presented a front view where he would have had a clear view of the feeders.

The 'regulars' kept away never to return that day. At the week-end there was an invasion of Jackdaws and today they were back together with four healthy looking magpies. The Jackdaws and magpies have acquired the skill of clinging to the fat ball feeders and pecking away to provide pickings for their mates waiting on the ground below.

Once they're away the resident Great Spotted Woodpecker returns to claim his place on the nut feeder and a few tits and greenfinches return for seeds. No sign of the Chaffinch and Goldfinches we used to get browsing the lawn.

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