Friday, November 25, 2011


I’m working hard with Acrylics at the moment exploring the working properties of the Golden Open brand. They’re a terrific improvement on existing heavy body acrylics and paint put out on the palette will stay workable for a week before it begins to skin over – that is if the palettes is covered over and sealed - (I use a plastic box with a close fitting lid.) At present I’ve got three new paintings on canvas supports on the go but for extra practice I’m also reworking older paintings.The first version of Ramsey Island dates back to 1991. I used Rowney Cryla or Liquitex on 6mm mdf board. These are the original sketchbook drawings made on a summer holiday in Pembrokeshire.

The reworked version developed from seeing a rather overcast evening sky through the studio window.

Ramsey Sound has a group of rocks known as ‘The Bitches’ which are a hazard when the tide is low. I’ve been able to indulge my current fascination with birds by changing some of them into a flight of Oystercatchers.

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